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Staff Contacts

First Name Last Namesort descending Job Title Office Telephone # Contact email
Colorado Emergency Operations Line State Emergency Operations Line Division 303-279-8855
Sue Anderson Accountant Preparedness 720-852-6790 Contact
Bill Archambault Core Operations Supervisor Emergency Management 720-852-6748 Contact
Melissa Arnett Logistics Specialist Emergency Management 720-852-6727 Contact
Matt Arsenault Mitigation Specialist Emergency Management 720-708-8358 Contact
Lynn Bailey Training & Exercise Specialist Program Manager Preparedness 720-852-6606 Contact
Scott Baldwin Deputy State Hazard Mitigation Officer Emergency Management 720-852-6696 Contact
Johan Barrios Infrastructure Recovery Manager Emergency Management 720-852-6702 Contact
Julie Beyers Project and Grants Closeout Specialist Preparedness 720-852-6600 Contact
Roger Bishop Statewide Interoperability Coordinator Preparedness 720-852-6603 Contact
Steve Boand State Disaster Recovery Manager Emergency Management 303-915-6063 Contact
Mark Boley South Central Regional Field Manager Emergency Management 720-415-4502 Contact
Sarena Bonora Grant Analyst Preparedness 720-852-6607 Contact
Electra Bustle Chief of Staff Division 720-852-6634 Contact
Larisa Cannon Grant Analyst Preparedness 720-852-6710 Contact
Vanessa Castillo Mitigation Specialist Emergency Management 303-519-0999 Contact
Crystal Christensen Account Preparedness 720-852-6792 Contact
Christe Coleman South Region Field Manager Emergency Management 970-250-0440 Contact
Nowell Curran Training Specialist Preparedness 720-852-6738 Contact
Luis de Carvalho State EOC Systems Administrator Emergency Management 720-852-6629 Contact
Cynthia Denham Administrative Assistant Emergency Management 720-852-6697 Contact
Trevor Denney Regional Field Manager Emergency Management 970-247-7674 Contact
Jennifer Dye DHSEM Budget Director Division 720-852-6600 Contact
Paul Eller Deputy Field Services Manager Emergency Management 720-852-6602 Contact
Corey Elliott Disaster Project Specialist - Cadre Emergency Management 720-947-9729 Contact
Riley Frazee Southeast Regional Field Manager Emergency Management 719-510-2388 Contact
Colleen Gadd Training & Exercise Specialist Preparedness 720-287-9516 Contact
Marilyn Gally Emergency Management Director Emergency Management 720-852-6694 Contact
Kim Garcia Contract Specialist Preparedness 720-852-6612 Contact
Patricia Gavelda Hazard Mitigation Planning Program Manager Emergency Management 970-385-1675 Contact
Russell Gibson Public Safety Communications System Analyst Preparedness 720-852-6741 Contact
Hart Gillespie Projects and Grants Reimbursement Specialist Emergency Management 720-852-6600 Contact
Debbie Goerlitz Procurement and Purchasing Agent Preparedness 720-852-6648 Contact
Michael Haney Disaster Project Specialist - Cadre Emergency Management 303-594-0572 Contact
Jill Hart Grant Program Analyst Preparedness 720-852-6621 Contact
Jennifer Hillmann Communications Specialist Division 720-879-2462 Contact
Bruce Holloman Field Services/CSEPP Manager Emergency Management 720-852-6614 Contact
Jody Horn Contingency Planner Emergency Management 720-852-6716 Contact
Stephany Juneau Hazard Mitigation Planning Specialist Emergency Management 720-630-0770 Contact
De Lora Karavolas Resource Mobilization Specialist Emergency Management 720-852-6613 Contact
Kerry Kimble Planning Program Manager Emergency Management 720-852-6604 Contact
Kevin Klein Division Director Division 303-239-4655 Contact
Robyn Knappe Volunteer Agency Liaison Emergency Management 720-852-6617 Contact
Kevin Kuretich Northeast Regional Field Manager Emergency Management 970-867-4300 Contact
Jaclyn Kurle Disaster Case Management Administrative Assistant Emergency Management 720-852-4300 Contact
Carleigh Leach Disaster Project Specialist - Cadre Emergency Management 303-489-8282 Contact
Lauren Leavitt Disaster Project Specialist - Cadre Emergency Management 720-852-6708 Contact
Todd Loggins CDBG-DR Project Specialist Emergency Management 720-852-6706 Contact
Ted Lucero Disaster Finance Specialist - cadre Emergency Management 303-917-4268 Contact
Jory Maes Colorado Infrastructure Protection Program Manager Prevention & Security 720-852-6600 Contact
Eva Mehalko Project and Grants Closeout Specialist Emergency Management 720-852-6600 Contact
Irene Merrifield Disaster Project Specialist - Cadre Emergency Management 303-913-2948 Contact
Ezzie Michaels Acting Director Office of Preparedness/ Grant Admin Program Manager Preparedness 720-852-6607 Contact
Rosalyn Middleton Program Assistant - Recovery Emergency Management 720-852-6600 Contact
Natalie Miklas Projects & Grants Reimbursement Supervior Emergency Management 720-326-3628 Contact
Donald Moore State Recovery Liaison - Boulder County & Watershed Planning Emergency Management 720-913-2427 Contact
CIAC OFFICE CIAC OFFICE Prevention & Security 877-509-2422 Contact
Dave Osborn Regional Field Manager SLV Emergency Management 719-480-9024 Contact
Elizabeth Ownsby Operations Chief Emergency Management 720-852-6619 Contact
Jeanne Pace Program Assistant Emergency Management 720-852-6608 Contact
Grace Perez Accountant II Preparedness 720-852-6600 Contact
Drew Petersen West Region Field Manager Emergency Management 970-633-0201 Contact
Mark Petitt Disaster Project Specialist - Cadre Emergency Management 303-912-7845 Contact
Denise Popish Logistics Specialist Emergency Management 720-852-6600 Contact
James Raymond Disaster Recovery Liaision Emergency Management 720-852-6600 Contact
Chi Robertson Accountant Preparedness 720-852-6633 Contact
Fran Santagata Preparedness Program Manager Preparedness 720-852-6616 Contact
Michael Schaub Disaster Recovery Liaison Emergency Management 303-915-9971 Contact
Mercedes Schwall Project and Grants Closeout Specialist Emergency Management 720-852-6721 Contact
Sean Settle Operations Officer Emergency Management 303-915-0245 Contact
Lindsey Shaw Risk Analyst Preparedness 720-852-6793 Contact
Amy Shish Progam Assistant Preparedness 720-852-6600 Contact
Esther Son Accounting Manager Preparedness 720-852-6627 Contact
Chris Sorensen Operations Section Chief Emergency Management 720-852-6626 Contact
Cory Stark Regional Field Manager Emergency Management 720-852-6618 Contact
Chuck Sullivan Projects & Grants Closeout Supervisor Emergency Management 720-852-6720 Contact
Sung Tjhan Budget & Policy Analyst Preparedness 720-852-6661 Contact
DHSEM Training Program Training Specialist Preparedness 720-852-6600 Contact
Micki Trost Strategic Communications Director Preparedness 720-852-6630 Contact
Jeremy Utter Logistics Section Chief Emergency Management 720-852-6689 Contact
Chuck Vale Northwest Regional Field Manager Emergency Management 970-846-3912 Contact
Charina Velasquez Accountant Preparedness 720-852-6792 Contact
Cindy VonFeldt State EOC Exercise Officer Emergency Management 720-852-6628 Contact
Cassandra Wagner Administrative Assistant Division 720-852-6600 Contact
Tabatha Waldron Geospatial Analyst Prevention & Security 720-852-6741 Contact
Jen Waters Internal Training and Exercise Specialist Preparedness 720-852-6650 Contact
Justine Willman Recovery Specialist - CDBG-DR Emergency Management 720-852-6712 Contact

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Bioterrorism exercise

La Junta flooding


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